Security and Compliance We provides 1 complete solutions also called optiMAX to help secure and compliant your entire environment. In addition, our key managed services include devices, integrated, dashboards, reporting and functionality to secure any type of endpoint, network or another environment across the enterprise. Cloud Your legacy system or traditional infrastructures are able to be connected with cloud to keep your current environment. Also, we are able to design and replicate your data center on premises or cloud environment – typically infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS) or platform as a service (PaaS). IT Consulting and Support Services Our service offers multiple and variable options. We offer a number of different support, helpdesk, professional support, preventive or corrective maintenance and also offered response time basis. These support offering are bundled to match your needs and expectations.

OPTIMAX Enterprise Security

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OptiMax Enterprise Security

We provide practical IT security services for your demand.

The security landscape changes constantly. IT infrastructure and security specialists struggle to access current information on network systems, operating systems, software versions, application usage and compliance drift on every PC, server, or anothers system across the enterprise. Without effective discovery, deployment and enforcement, the likelihood of a successful system attack grows exponentially. If you can’t see it, you can’t fix it.

PERKOM provides 1 (one) bundling solutions and services to help secure your entire environment, with the ability to start anywhere depending on business priorities. In addition, our key managed services include equipment, integrated, dashboards, reporting and functionality to secure any type of endpoint, network or environment, whether a smartphone, tablet, a PC, a Laptop or a server. Helps protect again malware and other threats, providing the knowledge, technology and services to make Your environment more safer, reliable and available.

Key Benefits
• Protect company assets, brand reputation and business continuity with 24×7 reliable monitoring and management
• Reduces in-house security costs
• Achieves security compliance with industry and government regulations
• Maximizes existing security investments and consultations
• Improve productivity by freeing IT resource to focus on strategic initiatives
• Reassures client, partners and Shareholder that critical data is protected by trusted resources
• 24/7 helpdesk support
• Operating Expenditure costs

Which option is right for you?

Endpoint Management & Security

• Provide PCs, Laptops and cloud apps
• OS Patching
• Third-party application patching
• Offline patching
• Comprehensive monthly reporting

Mobile devices & Security

• Provide smartphone, tablets and cloud apps, enabled by cognitive insights with analytics
• Patch and update management
• Container app
• Identity management
• Expense management
• Policy recommendation engine
• Comprehensive monthly reporting

Secure B2B communication

• Cloud application based containers
• Web browser-based interface to upload/download files
• Advanced proxy security features
• Notifications
• Comprehensive monthly reporting